Stellent Users Group

The email-based Stellent users group is hosted by Yahoo! There are almost 2000 members, and over 10,000 messages in the online archives. Unfortunately, they are not very easy to search.

When I get some spare time (har) I'll see if I can trick Google into indexing the archives. If that fails, I may have to start importing them into this site.


Can I get a listing of all the document names?

We are retiring our old Stellent Content Manager version 6.1.
Is there a way to get a listing of all the documents that are contained in the folders?
They want an inventory of the names, not the original documents.

I don't have a clue on how to do this. There are nested folders inside nested folders.

Bob Seles

Using Stellent for content management

How is Stellent's content mgmt system? I am hearing that it has several issues and should be deployed carefully and not tied directly to web content. Any recommendations?

according to whom?

I'm not sure who you got that information from... Oracle UCM (formerly known as Stellent) is considered a leading product by most technology analysts, and I'd wager its latest web content management product (Site Studio 10gr4) is vastly better than most. Here's a demo:

My recommendation is think twice about trusting your source.

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