Stellent and Interwoven, Together at Last

So I was surfing Amazon to do some xmas shopping today, and couldn't help myself from checking up on my book. I have a screen-scraper that tracks the sales rank, but I still like to check it manually once in a while...

Anyway, for some odd reason, Amazon decided to pair it with the Interwoven book on Team Site:

Odd... it probably would be better paired with a book on HTML, CSS, or Information Architecture... instead of a competitive product!

In a way it makes sense. If you are preparing to purchase a CMS, it makes sense to buy both books even if you're only going to use one, so you can compare, and choose which one to buy.

... and then decide upon Stellent ;)



This reminds me - where was my autographed copy of your book last weekend? I shouldn't have even let you in the door without it. ;) And to think, I let you touch my bongos!

The Great Scanundo

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