The Idiot Test!

Since I posted the Nerd Test a while back, I guess the time is right to post The Idiot Test now. Its a lot trickier than the Nerd Test, so be careful... otherwise the test will insult you!

Also, three answers in the original idiot test are wrong... how deliciously ironic... Snaps to the first commenter to find all three, and explain why they are wrong.

Update: There are now five versions of The Idiot Test, by Ryan Curtis:

Thanks to Ryan Curtis, the creator of these tests, for keeping me updated.

Note: The idiot test 4 is a bit trickier, so I put together a official answer guide for the Idiot Test 4 with all the answers... I also put together the official answer guide for the Ultimate Idiot Test. Naturally, its cheating to use them... but if you're stuck, have at it!


Can I get one snap?

I know one of them for sure ... maybe 2. I remember enough about the definition of "rectangle" and "square" and which is a subset of which to have one of those stand out.

But then I guess I didn't click the giant green button fast enough ... or something. Plus, it was dinner time. :)

Two snaps for... Visitor!

Yep, a square is a technically a special subset of a rectangle... by definition a rectangle is a 4-sided polygon in which all angles are 90 degrees. There is no requirement about the length of the sides -- people incorrectly infer that.

Therefore, the two 'click the rectangle' questions that punish you for clicking the square are wroooooooong!

So two big dang snaps for you, captain nobody!

But who will find the third error in The Idiot Test?????

Captain Nobody

I should start signing these things. But here's a clue - Captain Nobody will hopefully be seeing you December 9th!

found it

at the end it says you have officially beat the Idiot Test 3. It should say BEATEN not beat

I guess there's 4 errors!

I didn't catch that one. I'm not a grammar geek ;-)

I'll add that to the list...

The one I'm thinking of is something a geometry geek would catch.

Long time!

Hey there long lost friend! I somehow stumbled upon your blog through way of linkedin then bezzotech. Just wanted to tell you I skimmed through all the blogs on your first page and made a mental note to come back often. Where you keep all this knowledge in your brain, I do not know. But I'm sure some of it will be useful in my life! I miss you and Michelle - give her a hug and say hi! So proud of you for being on your own now. Break the chains that are Stellent!!!

"... a few weeks ..."

Man, you go consultant and lose all sense of time, eh? A few weeks, 5 months, same thing!

But yeah - I think the idiot part of this is using JPEGs that are so heavily compressed that the artifacts make it impossible to tell if you're looking at puppies or kittens. Neither of which is a cat, but still.

original post was in November...

Oh, be nice. The original was in November. I added the update to my post because a large number of google hits to my site were for people looking for the Idiot Test 4... so I thought it wise to tell them it ain't done yet.

idiot test 4

WHEN IS THE IDIOT TEST 4 OUT????????????????????????

I dont know!

You should go bug Ryan Curtis for that info:

UPDATE: Ryan changed his website to

The Geometry Geek You were looking for!

Circles are ovals!!!


Ok, then... "Visitor" -- if that is your real name -- here's your prize:

*snap* *snap* *snap* *snap* *snap*

I hope it was worth it ;-)


me los e paasao todos inglesitos!!!!!jajajja!kises amores!

Idiot Test 4

Hey there, I stumbled upon this site from google. I'm Ryan Curtis and I have finished the Idiot Test 4! Go check it out:

And yes, this is the real Ryan Curtis. If you have any questions/comments email me ( or check out the site


there is no way to pass the

there is no way to pass the idiot test 4 so i wouldent take it

not true

I finished it again this morning:

Kind of tricky, you need to have REALLY good eyesight for some of them. Where did you get stuck?

Got stuck

I got stuck where it says Do you remember? then all it says on the screen is rainbow. i clicked the r and then the b, where do you click next?

check out the cheat sheet for answers

I just put it together:

Hope that helps...

What u do after 'R' n 'B'

Next you click 'G'

it is r, b, G

it is r, b, G

Btw way the password to the

Btw way the password to the last level is BOBTHEMONKEY. That makes life sooooooooooooooooooo much easier lol !! :D The idiot test 4 really does test the boundaries of your knowledge... :)


i dont get it. In idiot test 3 it says click the largest triangle and i clicked the largest triangle and i lost? what.. i dont get it?! someone help me!!

Reply to 'huh'

There isn't one where it says 'largest triangle', but there is one where it says 'largest rectangle'. To get past it, just look at what the text is covered in ;)


What program did u use to make theese idiot tests? Love them! :)

Idiot Test 5

Since Idiot Test 5 was revealed by Ryan Curtis's page, I've been looking forward to it, but starting a few days ago, every time I visit it I simply get a message saying "This page cannot be displayed". What happened??

odd... site must be down...

I have Ryan's email somewhere. I'll give him a holler and see what's up.

update to the web site

Ryan told me he was having some problems with his hosting company... so he set up a new site here:

Its been launched only very recently, so give him a chance to move over the content. I'm curious how the Idiot Bucks thing works...

Hey Bex, The Ultimate Idiot

Hey Bex, The Ultimate Idiot Test is now out- currently being featured on

- -



Ryans website

ok look i have been checking his website out and here it is 2008!Yet it still does not work he still did not fix it!!!

looks like he's moved on...

we might have seen the last Idiot Test :-(

Way to go the idiot test is

Way to go the idiot test is gr8!!!!!!!! My friend is an idiot and can't complete it though !!!!

What happened to the idiot

What happened to the idiot test?
Will there be more?


I'm just happy I passed the dang thing :p With no short term memory to boast, I was a bit intimidated, but here I am triumphant haha!!

I am happy to find this blog

I am happy to find this blog from google. Why do they call it idiot test! - Strep Throat Symptoms


why dont they have passwords for all of the idiot tests? can someone please tell me

Passed the Ultimate Idiot Test!

I dont get why when you pass the ultimate one it says u really are an ultimate idiot?


It's a no-win situation... if you fail the test, you're an idiot... but if you waste your time with the test to prove you're nopt an idiot, you're still and idiot ;-)

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