Official Walkthrough Guide to the Idiot Test 4

OK, I've been getting a lot of questions about how I solved the Idiot Test 4. Its a bit tricky, so I decided to put together all the answers and the passwords for the test in a walk-through format. This should help you beat (and cheat) the idiot test.

Update: Ryan Curtis, the creator of the Idiot Test, has made this the official guide... and clarifies that indeed, using this guide is cheating!

Read on to view the spoiler...

Level 1

Password: none, duh!

  1. Duh! Push the green button. Careful, because the instructions are in red to confuse you.
  2. Push: yellow then blue.
  3. Push: orange, orange, red.
  4. Push: blue then orange.
  5. Push the green triangle on the left, then on the right, then the red dot at the bottom.

Level 2

Password: MEISDUMB

  1. Push the very very faint pink 4 in the upper right.
  2. This one gets everybody: the smallest blue button is in the letter 'o' in the word 'to' in the instructions. Sneaky... After clicking it once, it turns red, so you have to click the button at the bottom.
  3. Duh! Click the cookie in the upper left, then in the lower right
  4. Click 'Yes' that you like cookies.
  5. Click the cookie with 5 chips in the lower right, the 3 chip one at the bottom, and the 3 chip one in the upper right
  6. Tricky: remember the phrase "red, blue, green," its needed later. Click the triangle, then the letter 'C' in the phrase 'Current Rank' at the bottom.

Level 3

Password: COOKIES

  1. From the previous pattern, click the red R, the blue B, and the green N
  2. Basic Algebra: (3x3) + 1 - (2x1) = 8
  3. Press 8, 3, 18, then 2
  4. Trickier Algebra: (2*(8-3)) + (2*2) = 14
  5. Press: green, orange, orange, then the red button near the words 'Current Rank'

Level 4

Password: WHAZOO

  1. Press: red, red, blue, yellow, yellow
  2. Duh! Click H20
  3. Trickier Algebra: (4*2) + (3*(1+2)) = 17
  4. Press the green button in the center twice, then the one at the bottom once

Level 5


  1. Press: blue, green, green, orange, red
  2. Trickier Algebra: (2*(-1)) + ((4*(4-2)) * 2) = 14
  3. Remember: red, blue, blue, orange, yellow. Then click triangle, triangle, circle (not the cookie!), circle, circle, then the blue square

Level 6

Password: FOSHO

  1. From the previous pattern, click red, blue, blue, orange, yellow.
  2. Duh! Click the green button.

Level 7


  1. Click through the boring instructions... then do the following FAST:
  2. Press the green button in the upper left,
  3. Press the pink circle in the lower right,
  4. Press the word "Bread" in the lower left,


Congratulations... now you are Smarter Than Those Space Monkeys (A Good Thing)!

If only you were able to do it without cheating...


so if you cheat to beat the

so if you cheat to beat the idiot test, does that make you smart and efficient or really REALLY dumb? Still spiking the CPU on that one....

the website

dumb people wouldnt think of looking at this website!!!!!

Idiot test 3

how do you get past the biggest and smallest duck? What am I missing?????

Re: Idiot test 3

refresh my memory... what level is the big and small duck?

Re: Idiot test 3

Password GRAPES
I'm dying to know as well. Must not be seeing something

There are none.

There are no biggest and smallest ducks in The Idiot Test 3, I just did it and there are none. Maybe you are thinking of a different test?

No rules say it is cheating.

No rules say it is cheating. You are using all your skills when you research or take notes or do whatever you need to in order to beat it

ex-post-facto cheating...

Technically, it wasn't cheating until Tuesday, July 17th, 2007 at 7:29 pm... which was when Ryan said on his blog that it is cheating...

So 'Visitor' wasn't cheating... but if you're reading this, then you certainly are a cheater! ;-)


But, don't you only get the website after you finish the whole thing? Iknow I did!

Great Guide!

I just want to say again that this is an excellent guide for the Idiot Test 4! Great job on creating it!



Hi Ryan! I am such a big fan of your tests, I cant wait till Idiot test 4 is out, by the way, what are the peoples names that have completed all the tests so far, like me? thats all I have to say for now Bye!

hey, Princess

Ryan Curtis is over here:

I'm like you: just a fan...


hey that was a really easy idiot test

uh actually that one part

uh actually that one part where it says click on the triangle then the letter C i did that but it keeps saying wahawahh your an idiot! wtf??

so thats why i searched for a guide then just used the password COOKIES to get to the next level..
your a genuis these idiot tests are real good they make your mind think too hard but the tasks are so easy once you think about it and after you take it 10 times lol!!


the c is in the ''current rank''it is the first c

hey are you gonna make

hey are you gonna make another test?? you should make like a whole series #1-#10

haha me and my freind had so much fun taking it so you have to make another one so we can laugh at ourselfs even more!! lmao!


on level 7 it's not like you can look click look click.

true 'dat...

That's why I said to do it fast ;-)

Updated site..

Hey Bex, I added the link on the new site- you may have to re-register

- -

I like all the test. It was

I like all the test. It was really fun. I passed all the test after trying some levels again and again.

Look at the idiot test 6 and 7 it is something different but it is cool too. At the idiot 6 test I felt like an idiot until I figured it out.

Does anyone here know how

Does anyone here know how many idiot tests I REALLY made? Lol Bex probably knows....

Re: Idiot test 3

I went through that level and the next one... didn't see any ducks... I might need to make a walk-through of that one as well.

Re: Idiot test 3

Make sure you have the latest version, ducks were recently added.


For everyone that passed the idiot test you are officially not an idiot. give yourself a big pat on the back and go tease someone who is an idiot. LOL :)
by the way i LOVE ur idiot tests Ryan
u should make 10000s of tests LOL :)

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