Out Of Africa

Sorry for the general lack of blogging, folks... I'm presently in South Africa. I just got back from a safari, where internet connectivity was pretty much zero. I'm now in a town north of Durban called Balito, where internet connectivity isn't much better. Its painfully slow, and that's if it's working at all.

I had hoped I'd be able to blog twice per week while out here, but its significantly more difficult than I anticipated...

I have tons of great photos: lions, elephants, zebras, gnus, giraffes, rhinos, buffalo, antelope, hippos... even a leopard faking a charge at me! I know it was a fake charge because I'm not dead.

In any event, I expect to be back on my regular blogging schedule in about a week or so.



Have fun in Balito!
See if you can get hold of a phone/card with HSPDPA support. That's probably your best bet if you're here for a short period but should give you a decent 1.8/3.6mb connection in most places in the country.

Enjoy the rest of your stay in South Africa.

PS. I stay in South Africa but had to go and lookup what the heck a Gnu was :) We just call it a Wildebeest.


We usually call it a Wildebeest as well, but 'cuz I'm into open source software, I thought I'd give the GNU/FSF boys a nod.

I even heard up close why they used to call it a gnu: when it snorts at you as a warning, it makes this weird sound like "fffghnu!" Vaguely like "gnu."

I also heard numerous times how the Grey "Go Away" Bird got its namesake...

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