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This section of the blog contains articles about the Oracle suite of Enterprise Content Management applications. This includes Universal Content Management (UCM), Web Content Management (WCM), Universal Records Management (URM), and a little bit of Information Rights Management (IRM). I helped create several of these products, and thus am very opinionated about how they should be used... I also cover technologies and topics relevant to content management in general, such as enterprise search, and identity management.

Besides the articles in this section, you may also benefit from the following sources:

Primary Oracle ECM Sources

Oracle ECM Blogs

  • Fusion ECM: the official Oracle blog on content management, starring Billy Cripe, and occasionally Raoul Miller.
  • Oracle IRM: the official Oracle blog for Information Rights Management, starring Simon Thorpe.
  • Kyle's Blog On UCM: another Oracle "Best Practices" blog, staring Kyle Hatlestad
  • ECM Alerts: Oracle ECM product marketing blog, for official news about events and new product launches
  • Content On Content Management: David Roe's blog on Oracle Content Management.
  • webmonkeymagic: mikeyc7m's tips and rants on web content management, Site Studio, SSPU, and the like.
  • John Sim's blog: web content management, and web design blog. Lots of Site Studio tips.
  • Jason Stortz's blog: IdocScript, Components, Site Studio, and general tips and tricks.
  • Ryan Sullivan's blog: the usual ECM stuff!

Additional Oracle ECM Resources

If you know of another notable Oracle ECM site, send me an email! I'd define "notable" as any "official" site, or a site that posts useful information at least once per month...


Problem in metadata generation

We have checked in JSPs in stellant. we are using some tags as , In this case it is not generating metadata xml. But when we we use something like .., it generates metadata successfully. Just wanted to know if there is any configuration setting available to handle this. I am sure that not everyone codes tag necessary with ending tag(Mostly use shorter version of closing tag, rather than full closing tag.

Hi Sesha ! We are looking at

Hi Sesha !

We are looking at the same issue. We have 23 files failing out of 48 written.

hi seshai!

You can post general questions to my forum, or you can use the Stellent group on Yahoo


What is stellent

I wana learn stellent. Can some body help me?

Type on google "what is

Type on google "what is stellent" to find out more....

Loading Physical and Electronic Physical Records

I am in great need of a solid solution to importing electronic physical records. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have tried almost everything. Seems like they would have created a load tool for this like the batch loader for URM.

Loading Physical Electronic

Key word here - Learn HDA importing. On an AIX server you can use IDC Service commands to quicly import electronic physical records.
CREATE_EXTERNAL_ITEM loads physical only, and CREATE_INTERNAL_EXTERNAL_ITEM will load physical electronic. I also used IDC Commands (HDA importing) to create storage quickly.

What happens when you use the batchloader?

Its just a document... if you set the correct xIsRecord metadata in the Batchloader file, you should be able to use the batchloader to check in records.

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