Oracle ECM Web 2.0 Goodies: Blogs, Wikis, And RSS Feeds

I've been hearing quite a few complaints from people who can't find Stellent's old sample components on MetaLink... thus many folks are unaware of their existence... so I thought I'd post several of them to my library, and make this clear:

Oracle Enterprise Content Management has Blogs, Wikis, and RSS Feeds built in!

I put those features together for Stellent about two years ago... lots of folks contributed, including Andy MacMillian, Kyle Hatlestad, and Alan Baer... These may need a bit of extra polish to be fully 10gr3 compliant, but they come with source code, so have at it! All three are a natural extension of what Oracle ECM does, so they were pretty easy for me to create... I can't imagine you'd have much trouble tweaking them.

Oracle ECM also has Mashups, although the samples I put together are not formalized. They're from a presentation that demonstrates how to do ECM mashups using SOAP over JavaScript. I also did a more advanced example of Google Maps mashed up with arbitrary database tables published dynamically with Schema. It got lots of oooohs and aaaaahs from the crowd ;-)

Please note: the blogs and wikis are meant to be samples that you integrate into an existing Site Studio web site. You'll probably want to modify the colors and styles. If you enable wiki pages to be written in Microsoft Word, then you may want to modify the dynamic converter templates as well. That's right: you can even author Wikis in Microsoft Word! Try doing that anywhere else.

So, what's the difference between the "Web 2.0" stuff in Oracle ECM, versus the stuff in Web Center Suite? Simple:

  • Web Center is a framework for creating Web 2.0 solutions
  • Oracle ECM is a product with Web 2.0 features

In other words... Oracle ECM has mature out-of-the-box Web 2.0 gizmos, as do several Oracle products. Web Center is a pile of tools that allows you to build a custom Web 2.0 application from scratch. Another option would be to use JRuby and Rails for all your Web 2.0 needs... just like the Oracle Apps Labs folks did for, which generated a huge buzz on the web. Also, Oracle recently bought BEA, which probably increases your Web 2.0 framework options yet again!

Confused yet?

Also note: despite the fact that ECM's wikis may have fewer features, at least ECM's Wiki supports the Oracle database! Web center's bundled wiki apparently uses file-based HSQLDB for its database... that shocker is courtesy of Paul Gallagher, who advocates a wait-and-see approach with Web Center.


UCM/ECM as the focus for future Oracle Web 2.0 development?

Hi Bex. Its good to see you continue to boost ECM/UCM. I've been wondering about the extent that it could form the foundation of Oracle's Web2.0 offerings - particularly the "appliance" (out-of-the-box) kind - and waiting with bated breath to see what actually gets released in WebCenter 11g. Sure would be good to see Oracle make the most of the Stellent acquisition..


Like I always say... Web 2.0 isn't really an application, its more a philosophy of how to make applications. Saying that there's only one way to do Web 2.0 makes as little sense as saying there's only one way to think.

These days, almost every network application has some kind of web interface... and each did it in a different way: PHP, Java, JSP, C#, Perl, Rails, etc... each application picked a language and a framework that best suited their needs. There were probably a hundred frameworks for Java alone...

Likewise, in the next few years every network application will have some Web 2.0 features... and again, there's lots of options. Oracle currently implements Web 2.0 in three different ways, and the BEA addition probably comes with a few more!

Certain products are early adopters of Web 2.0 -- like Stellent / Oracle ECM. But if some other app inside Oracle wanted to add Web 2.0 goodies -- like Siebel -- they would have several options. Build, buy, or integrate.

I can see several cases where ECM would be the best option, others may call for a more broad framework like JRuby or WebCenter... there is no silver bullet, so you just have to do it case-by-case. Otherwise, you may be pounding a square peg into a round hole.

Can users moderate comments

Can users moderate comments for the Oracle Blog i.e can the comments be sent to a workflow for approval before they appear on your site.?

yes, thru workflow

there's a sample workflow that ships with the blogs that shows how to do moderation

Hi Bex, I have looked into

Hi Bex,
I have looked into it but it seems that the workflow is only applicable to the BLOG post not the comments. I just can't seem to get it to work.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

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