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This is an interesting meme... make "this year in review" of your blog, by taking just the first complete sentence each month. I had about 260 posts in 2007, below are a select dozen:

January: Continuing on the green theme, I came across a top-10 list from Newsweek about how easy it is to be green.

February: Wired news is reporting on another interesting innovation in wind energy...

March: Michelle had a great idea the other day...

April: Google Maps has just unveiled a new feature called My Maps, which is a new tab in the left sidebar of the standard maps interface.

May: Slate Magazine has a pretty good list of the top 5 brain-related news stories of 2007.

June: Derrick sent me a link to a great site,, which helps improve your brain by playing specially designed games.

July: Since I posted the Nerd Test a while back, I guess the time is right to post The Idiot Test now.

August: Just a (mildly) shameless plug...

September: I was always fascinated by economics... but every time I tried to study it I was put off by the sheer idiocy of it all.

October: I was never much a fan of hybrids... having two engines instead of one just seemed to make things expensive and complicated...

November: I made mention a while back that identity management will destroy Facebook... well, this is the next best thing.

December: When I hear people talking about Web 2.0, I'm constantly surprised how few people really "get it."

Interesting... some observations: first, I talk about the environment a lot. Second, I seem to like my brain. Third, I use elipses a lot... and finally, I should probably spend a bit more time talking about "technology and lifehacks", as opposed to just "all that good stuff".

Happy 2008!

(Hat tip: Barry Hess)

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