From Demo To Demo To Demo To Blog...

I had an odd day today... It started with me taking a small sledgehammer to my kitchen walls...

I'm doing some demolition this week to prepare for a kitchen remodel, and I absolutely love my new hammer. Boy oh boy... its called a FUBAR, and its a wonderful combination of crowbar, sledgehammer, and all-purpose destroyer. I can grab 2x4 wood planks in its toothy maw, and rip 'em straight out of the wall with my bare hands!

I was a little sad when I ran out of wood planks...

Then -- at the crack of noon -- I shook the dust out of my hair, and started a teleconference. I gave a demonstration of how Oracle ECM works to a division of a multi-billion dollar Japanese conglomerate. UCM, IRM, URM, WCM, you name it. They seemed to like it, and hopefully the sales folks can continue the process from here.

Then I went back to demolition... and now I'm blogging about it all.

It suddenly dawned on me that I'm one of those cliches from an MCI commercial about how the internet will change how we work in the future... I'm going to have to send them an irate letter for spying on me.

Right after I check my Technorati rank.



yah, I gotta get me one of those....just don't get near those wonderful cabinets you had built by that real nice friend of yours!

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