The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) Has Started A Blog!

Its true... why not leave a comment?

Holy cow... you should see the rants and raves against the TSA's liquid ban! Pure. White. Hatred.

I don't know what their angle is... maybe they know that most of their processes are silly, and they'd like to prove that there's a strong desire for change. Maybe they'd like to lift the liquid ban, but still be able to cover their ass, as Bruce Schneier would say... or maybe they're looking to expand their "no-fly list".

I understand people's frustration with the TSA: being a frequent traveler, I'm often a victim to their Kafka-esque rules... but some of these comments are unbelievably hostile. Cut the TSA some slack, give some constructive criticism, and maybe they'll stand up for common sense security... which after the past seven years, would be a breath of fresh air.

(Hat Tip Al Kamen)



just want to say that we are all in this together. even us, the TSA officers, cant undertstand why the ridculous rules on liquids are in effect. we have asked the same questions you all have and we still have not got an answer other than " well intelligence tell us........ blah blah blah" . makes you wonder huh?

good to know...

I figured that the liquid ban frustrated the TSA as well... that's why I said to cut the TSA some slack, and focus on constructive criticism.

Somebody mentioned that if George W Bush wanted an instant boost to his approval rating, he'd lift the liquids ban...

Treatment of medically ill

Over the past 5 years I have traveled a lot for medical treatment, September 06 I traveled from the LA area to Sea to ANC. after a 2 week stay in the hospital and a 7 hour operation. I was only alowed to travel with a mdical profecional (my brother is a MD), the airline would not allow me to travel without, this I had no problem with. I was in very poor condition, we flew first class and had purchased half the seats so that I did not have to deal with other people on both flights. The checking in airport in the LA area, knew of my arival by amblance, not able to walk with out help, forced to walk through the metal det machine that with all the metal that is in me now draws all kinds of attention, I was forced to walk, falling, my brother be told that if he aproched me he would be throwen in jail! Like the tapes from the airport that turned missing, I am sure this will never make it to your blog.

I gave the best years of my life for my country, they turned their back on me when I was hurt overseas, my private medical insurance from my wifes works pays for my medical care. They do their job, they just need to know that they are not God!


Stuff like that is exactly what the TSA needs to hear. You should re-post it on their blog:

It will get a wider viewing on the official blog... I only have a handful of TSA agents that read my blog.

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