Oracle Unbreakable ECM?

After my security posts last week (here, here, and here), I got an interesting email from an Oracle partner out west (David Roe from Ironworks)... one of his customers put Stellent though a battery of automated security tests, and got some surprising results:

Incidentally one of our clients ran through a couple rounds of automated security testing on their UCM instance. They sort of surprised us with it actually, but when they were done sent back some great feedback about how strong the system was and how it passed every check (apparently an uncommon occurrence). I personally don't put a lot of faith in any automated testing, but it's nice to know Stellent will pass one :)

Like the author, I don't put that much faith in automated tests... but many of these security testing companies are batting 1000: some of these firms brag that they always find security holes, but this time they came up empty. Even on an unannounced, surprise, security audit.

Naturally, neither David no myself will reveal the name of the customer... because bragging about an unbreakable system is the surest way to attract the wrong attention... but if a legitimate analyst or existing Oracle customer would like to chat with these folks, Dave could facilitate a connection.

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