Communication For Geeks: Minnebar Tomorrow

Well, I'm preparing my talk for the free Minneapolis BarCamp technology conference tomorrow: Communication For Geeks: How to Influence Your Boss, Your Customers, and Your Team. It will be early in the morning, 9am, so hopefully I'll still have an audience! I'f you're in Minneapolis, please show up!

Coffman Union at the University of Minnesota Campus (Minneapolis)
Address 300 Washington Ave. S.E. Minneapolis, MN 55455-0110 (map and directions)

Ahhh... the U of MN... my old stomping grounds. Almost 400 folks signed up so far, so it should be bigger than the Oregon BarCamp that Jake attended last week... There's also a pre-event mixer at The Bulldog at 8pm tonight... which is the best damn place to get Belgian beer in Minneapolis.

I like presenting first thing in the morning... then I have the rest of the conference to relax. I also enjoy presenting non-tech talks at tech conferences. Last year I talked about marketing with Derrick Shields, which was a blast. This year, I'm talking about conflict resolution with a technology spin.

Personally, I believe communication and conflict resolution are woefully overlooked skills in the technology industry... I mean, a vast vast VAST majority of software projects are complete failures... and if the statistics from the AIIM failure study still ring true, the biggest problem seems to be communication. Its not the technology, its the people. This might be more true in my industry (Enterprise Content Management) than in others (writing device drivers), but its always important.

I figure, these BarCamp folks know plenty about how to make projects successful with technology... but they have no clue how to politely inform their boss that an executive decision is threatening the success of a project. They don't know how to make such a statement, and keep their jobs, and put the project back on track.

Do you?

If not, come see me at 9am this Saturday...

UPDATE: I got some really good feedback about my session... hopefully it helped a few folks out. Ed Kohler has a review, and a fairly unflattering photo of me ;-)


9 AM?!

No self-respecting geek will be there at 9 AM. But since you will, be sure to report back how the union looks these days. I think that's where I met you first ... back in the giant hair days.

Mmmm ... giant hair. ;)

Two BIG Thumbs Up

Bex, when I saw your presentation today, I felt empowered, because you helped expand my understanding of the power of empathy ;)

good to hear...

@brian: yes, empathy is probably the most important tool for effective communication... but be warned: its pretty hard. Practice practice practice!

@torgo: yes, my hair is less big but I'm still a giant ;-)

Great content, great advice

Ah - I found you!

Handouts from the session were a little scarce, and you mentioned following up afterwards for a copy. That'd be great. Also have you ever published your human algorithm? I'd be interested in reading more about that.

hope to publish it soon

I got such good feedback about the session, that I might be doing something on YouTube instead of handing out more dead trees.

I'd love to publish my algorithm for human behavior, but its not 100% polished yet... I have to finish this other book I'm writing first.

Back to the grind...

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