Tortoise SVN Blog got p0wn3d by Google

So I was finally updating my Tortoise SVN client for Subversion... that annoying little windows has been popping up for months, so I finally clicked on it. It took me to their blog... which at first confused me a bit:

Notice the inherent problems with using Google Ads on a site with poor usability! This is supposed to be the splash page for the upgrade, and what happens? I'm greeted with two links to download Subversion clients, neither of which are Tortoise SVN! Once you click the link to read more about the blog post, you get some helpful download links.

But I gotta say, those two other subversion clients probably steal a LOT of traffic and downloads from Tortoise SVN.


you use subversion :)

If only Stellent/Oracle supplied Subversion or GIT for its source control with the UCM.
It would make life much easier.. ;)


source control is a subtlety different problem than ECM... you have all these issues with branching, merging, and patching, which I think Subversion solves nicely. I'm not a huge fan of the .svn folders everywhere, and their "Update" process isn't very user friendly.

I'd simply prefer if the content server has a desktop client more like TortoiseSVN. The new one they're working on sounds pretty cool... I hope they release it soon.

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