Enterprise 2.0 Rant Available For All

Well, the reviews are in on my Enterprise 2.0 talk... and it was pretty well received.

...perhaps best of all, a deadpan delivery of "Enterprise 2.0: How You Will Fail" from the illustrious Bex Huff (an Oracle ACE Director). The latter was a source for some particularly good quotes, such as my favorite: "Where there is lack of shared purpose, information sharing leads to chaos." Amen, my friend.

Unfortunately, I was out of the room when they decided to do the schedule, so I went dead last at the end of the day. Serves me right for trying to network with Ajay Gandhi and Joe Strada. The audience dwindled a bit, but they seemed awake enough to get some value out of my talk.

In any event, I put the presentation up on Slideshare, and embedded it below. The viewer is kind of busted, so you might want to download it as well.

Unlike the other speakers, my goal was to reign in the excitement and buzz around Enterprise 2.0. I believe there is massive value in a company-wide E 2.0 initiative, but there will be equally massive stumbling blocks! Is your culture ready for it? Probably not. Almost certainly not. Therefore, you'll have to fail a few times before you'll see measurable value.

The only hope in getting value out of E 2.0 is by keeping an eye out for failures. Expect them! Embrace them! Experiment a little, and try new things anyway! Any Enterprise 2.0 initiative that cannot adjust in the face of massive failure will just be a waste of money. Its not just about the technology; Enterprise 2.0 is really about creating a culture of entrepreneurialism. You need this culture before you can find enterprise-wide value in E 2.0 tools.

Good E 2.0 initiatives are about tools that guide the creation of this culture, and are not just about getting everybody on the latest Web 2.0 gizmo. If your E 2.0 initiative revolves around getting everybody blogging, then you're just replacing email overload with blog overload... or wiki overload... or social software overload... or Twitter overload... Pick your poison. Departments with a good culture will find immediate value; others will find zero, or even negative value! You'll be spinning your wheels, but you wont be going anywhere.

I hope to give this talk again at the Open World unconference... Justin said that he'll be sending out an email blast so we can get registered on the wiki. That will make it 3 talks this year at Open World... see you there!

UPDATE: I'll be giving it at 1pm on Monday, Sept 22 at the Open World unconference. It will be at Moscone West 3rd Floor Overlooks, in case you'd like to see it live. I might change that time, if there's a lot of other stuff I'd like to see at that time, but I want to get it out of the way so I can enjoy the rest of the conference...

Other Topics/Times

Glad to hear you will be participating in unconference. Do you have any additional information on other topics you will be involved with at Open World?

good question...

Here are all the talks I'm giving:

A Pragmatic Approach to Oracle ECM: Monday, Sept 22, 4pm-5pm at Moscone South, Rm 301, session 299246.

Enterprise 2.0, What it is and How You'll Fail: Monday, Sept 22, 1pm-2pm at Moscone West, 3rd Floor Overlooks #1

Top 10 Ways To Integrate With Oracle ECM: Thursday, Sept 25, 10:30am-11:30am at the Marriott, Golden Gate room C1, session 300043.

I'll be posting something more official later...

You Inspire Me...

yeah, I created my own slideshare E20 prezzo here:

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