Who Wants to be @OWASP on Twitter?

So I've been following the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) project for some time... I was just reading about the next few Minneapolis OWASP meetings, and was kind of shocked to see Richard Stallman on the list of speakers for the October event...

Anyway, as I wandered over to Twitter, I noticed that nobody claimed the OWASP account yet! So I swiped it... Even tho I'm not really a hard core OWASP guy. I don't run a chapter, nor is web app security my job... its more like a hobby ;-)

So basically, I was wondering who "deserves" to have this Twitter account? I have no clue what to do with it. Meeting announcements? Full disclosure tweets? Open mockery of hacked applications?

(hat tip: Sam)


Donate to OWASP?

Would be great if you "donated" the account to OWASP itself. We have many of these to prevent their abuse, but I guess we missed a big one here. You can send it to owasp@owasp.org. Thanks!

makes sense...

Does owasp@owasp.com have a PGP key, or something?

Sending the password over clear-text email seems like the way to get myself mocked ;-)

tried twice...

I sent my 2nd email to the OWASP folks today, trying to see if they were interested... no reply yet. I'm a tad surprised, but I'll keep trying.

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