Want to Know What New Words Have Been Added To The Dictionary? Meh.

Meh indeed...

You know the phrase... The universal sign of such tremendous apathy, that you don't even care enough to say a real word... Until now, that is, because in 2009 "meh" will officially be in the dictionary.

Hurray! New words being born! A chance to celebrate!

Of course, the linguistic circle of life dictates that other words must die so new ones can be born... As others have noted, two unfortunate deaths include "anticipate" and "irony". The former being used in place of "expect," and thus losing its individual meaning, and becoming a dead word. Irony, of course, has been misused in place of "coincidence" and "odd" for so dang long I'm surprised when somebody actually uses it correctly...

Example... Assume some guy named Turd Ferguson is a college football player. He's exceptionally good, and is drafted to be in the NFL. However, in his very first game, he gets tackled hard, breaks his knee, and ends his career. That's not irony: that just sucks.

Next, assume Turd has a son: Turd Ferguson Junior... who is also an exceptional football player, and who also winds up n the NFL. However, in Junior's very first game, he too is tackled hard, he too breaks his knee, he too ends his career. That's not irony: that's just coincidence.

Now... assume that instead of getting hurt in his first game, Junior tackles somebody named Mikey... Mikey breaks his leg, and Mikey ends his career. NOW its ironic! It would be even more ironic if Mikey's father was the man who initially broke Turd Ferguson Senior's knee twenty years ago...

But does anybody care about the proper use of "irony?"


First Name Is Important

I fell off the story wagon the minute you introduced Turd Senior. From that point on I was so tickled by the given name I lost all will to follow the rest of the article. Please continue to write with such color. It makes my day.

Senior's real origin...

Its actually a name from a slightly NSFW Saturday Night Live sketch:


Celebrity Jeopardy, with parodies of French Stewart, Sean Connery, and Burt Reynolds... was named one of the top 50 comedy sketches of all time by the Independent Film Channel:


The real meh

It's ironic that it took song long to officially define a word that already has a perfectly good definition in Singapore, and then get it wrong too!!

MEH ... A Singlish tag which accompanies questions. Adds a slight tone of incredulity.
"Ah Beng is like that, meh?"

You have a wonderful way of

You have a wonderful way of explaining the definition of a word. Peace to Turd Ferguson and his Hall of Fame son....:)

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