Oracle Enterprise 2.0 Podcast, Parts 1, 2, and 3

Last week Bob Rhubart interviewed Billy Cripe, Vince Salvato and myself about Enterprise 2.0. Bob will be releasing it in three chunks, which you can download with the links below:

  • PART ONE: we began by discussing the importance of "social media," both in and out of the enterprise. We also touched on the importance of a Web 2.0 infrastructure to enable the "right kind" of collaboration. I spent a tiny bit of time discussing the importance of social search, in contrast to typical enterprise search, but not in the depth that I would have liked...
  • PART TWO: this talk was more about collaboration. Bob begins with the question, isn't Enterprise 2.0 just "anarchyware?" Meaning, it might do too good of a job at "flattening" the corporate structure, that it might lead to poor decisions and chaos. We dealt with how you can avoid anarchy, sometimes with a slow adoption that your corporate culture can tolerate, and sometimes by putting extra seat belts in these systems. The best enterprise 2.0 architectures should be natural extensions of systems that allow effective committee-based decisions... believe it or not, there are several good ways a big committee can make decisions, although it takes a bit of discipline. I also challenged Friedman's assertion that "The World Is Flat" with a rant about how The World Is Spiky. Random collaboration is pretty much just noise; true innovation will only occur when you get the right people to collaborate...
  • PART THREE: finally, we get talking about the digital natives: the latest generation of workers versus the baby boomers. The former will love the latest E 2.0 systems, because they will help them expand their influence, whereas the latter will hate changing their habits and sharing their knowledge so close to retirement... which is a shame, because that is exactly what businesses need. Luckily, systems like Facebook and Twitter are becoming so fun, that there's still hope to bring similar systems into the enterprise. We also discuss why should architects care at all about enterprise 2.0?

It was fun to put these together... and thanks a lot to Bob for editing all of our ramblings into easy to follow chunks! Feel free to comment on these podcasts below...

Broken Download Link

Clicked download, no worky.

works fine for me...

You might try downloading it directly from the Oracle blog page instead:

Part 1 was a bit short. I

Part 1 was a bit short. I was just getting into it and it was over.

Re: Part 1 was a bit short.

Always leave them wanting more ;-)

I'd suggest waiting until all 3 parts are done, then download them as a batch. I'll let folks know when they are all ready.

Part 2 is Up

linked on my blog here:

Part 2 includes the famous "Thomas Friedman was WRONG!" statement.
and my personal favorite, "The world is not not flat, it's spiky!" statement
both by you.

Thanks, Billy!

Yeah... I'm a Friedman Power Hater as well... there were so many things wrong with his book that I had to inject a little snark in my answer.

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