caption contest...


words fail me... other than: the internet has EVERYTHING.


Caption contest

Dave is off to the races sporting a new hat.

Thats amazing, I mean, he

Thats amazing, I mean, he has a freakin tree growing out of his head...


You haven't seen the world until you've been to the midwest.


Are you looking for the GUN SHOW?


That's what I did to the truck. Imagine what I can do to you...

It's a pity.

Hercules had to get a new car every time he failed his driving test.

Boo Yah!

I bet Chuck Norris can't kick a truck into a tree.

Budget Cuts

The City Manager (foreground) poses by the city's first "green" street light.

This is what happens when a

This is what happens when a jedi pulls a prank on a redneck

Bigger Problem?

Truck in tree or shirt too small? You decide.

Look at me now!

I was just a skinny little kid when I planted a tree under my dad's pickup--look at me now!

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