Year In Review...

It's been three years since this blog's inaugural post... so I thought I'd reflect on the past. Unlike most folks who take stock on January first, my blog's official "end of fiscal year" is April 29th. So I'll take the opportunity to have new year's in April, and recount my most popular blog posts of the past 12 months:

  1. Google Owes Me A Pony: (11,264 hits) my take on how the new economy makes Google a much more powerful player than most people realize.
  2. The Idiot Test: (8,480 hits) a fun game that tests your ability to spot the obvious.
  3. How to make Vodka Infusions: (6,923 hits) a perenial favorite
  4. Empathy Versus Sympathy: (4,932 hits) one that I'm very proud of... as one commenter said, "Dude, you just summed up marriage in one easy little post!"
  5. How many hits does your site really get: (4,422 hits) my take on how to analyze data from page popularity metrics (like this!)
  6. The Official Guide To The Idiot Test: (3,467 hits) the cheat sheet for the above-mentioned game
  7. Why Does Vista Suck: (3,370 hits) a question for the ages...
  8. Tell IKEA to bring back the Coolest Desk Ever: (3,168 hits) my petition to bring back the favorite desk of Lifehackers worldwide
  9. Why Developers Love BAFFLINGLY Complex Code: (2,995 hits) a take on the psychology of why code will always be complex and brittle
  10. I'm Sorry I Invented Object Oriented Programming: (2,339 hits) the title says it all...

Overall, I had 180,516 page views over the year (according to Google Analytics)... so the top 10 articles were about 30% of my traffic. Naturally, several of these posts were written in 2007 or 2006, but they are still going strong! Only four of the top 10 from were written in the past 12 months...

I've lately been trying to focus on "evergreen content", which means blog posts that will be relevant for multiple years. Such posts take longer to write, and too much emphasis can sometimes prevents you from updating your blog as frequently as you should... but on the plus side, your posts from three years ago will still be hot spots on the web ;-)

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