Blog Silence...

Sorry for the lack of blogging, folks... Last week was IOUG Collaborate, and I was usually indisposed. For those who didn't make it, you can check out my presentation on Slideshare. I gave my talk on A Pragmatic Strategy for Oracle ECM, as well as my Top 10 Ways To Integrate With Oracle ECM.

Billy put up some of his talks as well. The How To Be A Rock Star with ECM talk was well received... although the slides don't quite capture the whole presentation.

Overall, I was pleased with the turnout... I was kind of bummed out that there wasn't a bigger Oracle ACE presence there. I saw Dan Norris a few times, but there wasn't an 'official' ACE briefing. Oh well... I guess I'll need to wait for Oracle Open World in the fall. With all the new Sun customers and partners, that place is going to be chaos.

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