I'm Moving To Seattle!

Yes, the rumors are true... Michelle and I have decided to move from chilly Minneapolis, to the temperate and coffee-infested Northwest.

We've been planning this move for a number of years... the timing made sense because of the housing market crash. This has helped make the Seattle real estate market go from insanely expensive to just laughably expensive...

We'll both be keeping the same jobs, as well. That's the beauty of the interwebs... you can do anything from anywhere, as long as you have the correct technology.

I'm going to miss a lot about Minneapolis: my family, my friends, competent yet non-cocky software developers... but I've always wanted to live somewhere else. Seattle was always one of my top 5 favorite US cities, along with San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, and Minneapolis. I've met some great people out there, so I know I'll be OK.

I'm certain I'll be coming back frequently. I have several clients and business ventures here in Minneapolis, and I'll need to keep an eye on them. But the big question is, will Luke drop my blog from Central Standard Tech because I'm now splitting my time in two cities??? I hope not... ;-)


Enjoy Seattle!

I attended college in Portland, Oregon and loved it, but at the time I graduated (1983) jobs in the Pacific Northwest were few and far between. If my wife and daughter weren't confirmed California girls, I'd gladly move back up that way.

BOO! ;)

dude, you'll be missed here in the "chilly" Twin Cities! But no I have a reason to go to Seattle and visit and have really good local brews!

At least you'll have

plenty of flannel.

I don't envy you or Michelle those airplane trips to Europe.

Say Hi to Mt. Rainier for me!


I've lived in the Seattle area a couple of times and loved it.


Hey Bex,

That's awesome news! I lived in Seattle in the summer of 1996 while interning at Micro$oft. I have a few friends and some family up there, so let me know if you want some introductions. Will we be rawking OpenWorld again this year like we did in 2008?

Best regards,

Congratulations and good luck!

Yeah my wife and I recently moved from the mid-west (central Indiana area) to the east coast (Richmond VA). It was a very stressful move, but in the end, very rewarding. We look forward to much milder winters. :-) It's nice to live someplace with a bit more history too.

I love hearing people say "There's nothing to do in Richmond". They have no clue...

Good luck in Seattle and Congratulations! I hope you enjoy the west coast.


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