Site Studio Performance Tuning: Now Posted

In case you missed my talk last month... IOUG has posted the full video of my Site Studio Performance Tuning Webcast. This was an hour long talk containing tips and tricks for making your web sites faster. Only half of it is specific to Site Studio or Oracle UCM: I also share tips on making general HTML pages faster, which should apply no matter what kind of system you use.

As usual... my presentation is available for download from Slideshare, if you'd like a copy... Although this one lacks the panache of the video version.

PS: sorry that its in WMV format... I had no control over that...

nicely done!

good presentation


I was wondering if I came off a tad harsh when I talked about how HTTP was never actually designed to be fast, and that developers have to do some pretty bizarre things to make it fast... but after viewing it I think my criticism was at the right anger level ;-)

How to disable unnecessary js files?

On slide #24 you mention disabling unnecessary JavaScript files... we have a total of 37 out-of-the box EXTERNAL (yes! this is nuts!) JS files being loaded by WebCenter. Would you please provide a few more details about how to do this?

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