The Origin Of Bex: Now Available On Netflix

I'm frequently asked where I got the nickname "Bex." Back in 2008 I finally put the matter to rest by explaining the origin of "Bex".

The quick story is this: a while back I saw a British TV show with a character named "Bexley," thought it was a cool name, and started using "Bex" as one of my (many) internet aliases. When I went to college, there were too many "Brians" in my dorm, so they decided I needed a nickname... one of my geekier dorm-mates asked me what I used for internet aliases, I mentioned them, and they liked "Bex" the best.

The rest, as they say, is history...

The TV show in question is Red Dwarf, which is a something of a sci-fi cult comedy... I was recently surprised to see that Red Dwarf is available via NetFlix-On-Demand! If you have NetFlix, and about 20 minutes to spare, you might want to watch the television episode that spawned my nickname. And maybe a few more episodes, if you care to...

The show is well written, if not a bit quirky... but, if you're a frequent reader of my blog, you probably have the sense of humor necessary to find it charming ;-)

RE: The Origin Of Bex

Could have been worse I suppose, you could have gone for Kryton, Lister, Cat or - gulp - Rimmer :o)

As a brit naturally I loved that show - know all the words to the theme tune too :) Dammit, now I'll be humming it to myself all day too...

RE: The Origin Of Bex

The theme is pretty catchy...

"I want to lie
    Shipwrecked and comatose
Drinking fresh
    Mango juice
Goldfish shoals
    nibbling at my toes..."

and on and on...

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