The Top 10 Things Oracle UCM Users Need To Know About WebLogic

As promised, below is my presentation from IOUG Collaborate, 2010. It's an intro to WebLogic for people who know Oracle Universal Content Management:

In case you haven't heard, the 11g version of Oracle UCM will by default run on top of WebLogic. I have heard that support for other platforms are planned post-11g -- such as JBoss, WebSphere, and maybe even the old-fashioned stand-alone mode -- but it's still a good idea to become familiar with WebLogic. These concepts will be similar on JBoss and WebSphere... especially when it comes to the security and performance sections of my talk.



So I see clustering is going

So I see clustering is going to be a very expensive option now if you have to pay additional licenses for 11g to sit on this app server.
I guess its needed for the new adf support that is going in?

I believe not sure on this but I think they are also dropping DB support to just Oracle?

not really...

You can wait for JBoss support to do clustering if you don't like WebLogic... or do stand-alone mode. Both of them seem to work fine, it's just that Oracle likes to do a lot of QA before officially "supporting" something. Plus they need install documentation.

I believe not sure on this but I think they are also dropping DB support to just Oracle?

Woah, NO! Where did you hear that??? UCM was designed from the ground-up to be database agnostic. It would be a tremendous amount of work to undo that... Oracle's middleware team tries hard to make sure it still works with other databases. It still works fine with SQL Server and DB2.

Hi, I'm having problems with

Hi, I'm having problems with your site in the Flock browser (I can barely read the words). I've tried raising the font size in the browser display options but that didn't seem to work. Any tips on what I can do? (Btw, I'm on Windows Vista) - ways to lose weight featured on tv

Did you ever..

David did you ever fix the problems with Flock Browser I've been having similar problems all week and I'm not sure what's causing them.


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I never actually tested the Flock browser... just IE/Safari/Firefox. I did give the site a makeover last year, and upgraded to a new version of Drupal, and cleaned up the HTML... but you're still having issues? I'll see if I can fix it...

Seems to be working

Sorry it appears to have been a problem on my end. Did some updating and it's all working correctly now!


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Hi Bex, In oracle UCM 11g

Hi Bex,

In oracle UCM 11g Documentation ,it is mentioned that WSDL component was remove in 11g. in 10g using this component we will expose IDC services as webservice.
could you please tell in oracle UCM 11g how to achieve the same functionality(means exposing IDC services as webservices)

Well, I'm on Flock and I'm

Well, I'm on Flock and I'm having similar issues. It's weird. The site renders fine on Chrome, though. - English Polish translator

problems with Wblogic

I have become a lot more familiar with WebLogic, but there are other platforms that are eve n better... although I did like your talk on it when it comes to security and performance. - homes for sale in cleveland ohio

Thank you.

definitely. weblogic is one

definitely. weblogic is one of the worst platform for me