How-To Component Samples for Oracle UCM 11g


For those of you who don't know, the HowToComponents are a collection of "basic-advanced" customizations to Oracle UCM/ECM. They are very small samples that show off how to plug-in custom Java code. Everything from custom IdocScript, custom security checks, custom services, and Java filters. I originally made them about 10 years ago (while working at Stellent) to help people kick-start projects that needed to build upon them to make more advanced customizations.

A lot of things changed over the years... luckily, the HowToComponents still (mostly) work! I was mainly surprised that a 10-year old Yahoo web service still reliably delivers stock quotes... Mostly we just recompiled and repackaged them, with a few changes...

First, a new security feature in 11g requires a token to be present in every we request. So, we needed to add this code on pretty much all of the web forms:

<input type="hidden" name="idcToken" value="<$idcToken$>"/>

Also, the code for adding new items to the menus changed quite a bit... look at the resources CoreMenuItems and CoreMenuItemRelationships in each component for some sample code.

Also, the DynamicPrefix component no longer uses the validateStandard filter event to change the Content ID upon check-in... that's because in 11g you have to use the new event preComputeDocName. You can still use validateStandard for most metadata alteration/validation... but the dDocName is special and needs to be treated differently.

FYI, to compile these components for 11g, be sure to use the correct To compile, the libraries are here:


These components are only "semi-official." The folks I know at Oracle didn't have time to polish these up for 11g, so we at Bezzotech decided to step up and do it ourselves. The code is licensed as Apache 2.0 code... which in short means: do whatever you want, except blame us for what you did!

You may download the HowToComponents from the Bezzotech Library page. You can download previous versions (7.5/10gr3) of the HowToComponents from the Oracle UCM Samples page.


... Stop teasing us..

Bex.. Stop teasing us with 404 links..
I was all excited to get this downloaded and it 404'd me :(

Look forward to looking through the updates :D

not quick enough...

I guess I should have posted this AFTER I uploaded the ZIP file into it's correct space ;-)


What about the documentation that comes with the How To Components, did it get any updates? It would be nice to see some progress here..

no source code...

I don't work for Oracle, so I don't have access to the source code, and therefore cannot build out the JavaDocs for 11g. I included the old JavaDocs to give you an idea of what could work... but no new objects unfortunately.

List of filter events for 10gr3 and higer versions

Hi Bex,
Do we have a documentation for list of filter events that are added in 10gr3 and higher?


I dont

There might be something buried in the 11g documentation: they gave it a pretty good refresh for 11g, so I wouldn't be surprised. If you find it, let us know!

UCM Check In and Folders not appearing when user logs in


If anyone can help!!!!

When the user logs in the UCM system the Check In does not appear only the Search is appearing.
Moreover the Folders are not appearing for that security group.
when I log in as sysadmin everything looks fine and perfect.

Nasr Noman

sample code site

Have you thought about putting these on the Oracle Technet sample code site?

I tried

There's no section on UCM, content management, or even WebCenter on that site, for crying out loud... I sent several emails asking for one to be made, then gave up.

So, if you want free webcenter content examples, currently the best place is Bezzotech's free library.

can you access this?


I played with that project about 2 years ago... To be clear, there's no "category" for fusion middleware, so no way for people to navigate to sample code like this... and the search engine isn't terribly helpful. Not to mention that you can't even Google to projects on that site:

so basically, that's not really a good home for sample code...

WebSecurityFilters sample component

Hi, In your book you mention the WebSecurityFilters sample. I have downloaded the HowToComponents from your book site and other sites. None of them have this particular sample component. I need it for 10g. Any idea where I can find it. Thank you!

oracle, maybe

That's an old component, and no longer really needed for 11g. Oracle *might* have it for 10g, if you engage their consulting services to build your component. It might be possible to do what you want to accomplish without that component, however... email me the details, and I might have good news ;-)

Hi Bex, thanks for the

Hi Bex, thanks for the samples. I work on UCM 11g. I want to make a custom component that should be "fired" at each workflow step. Could you please tell me which filter event to use? I'm confused, the filter event that is on your book (advanceDocumentStateStart) , does not work.

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