Countdown to IOUG Collaborate 2011

It's less than one week away!

I'm giving 4 presentations at Collaborate 2011 this year, but by some cruel, cruel, cruel twist of fate, all four of my presentations are on Wednesday... Seriously, like back-to-back starting at 8am. Yeesh! I apologize in advance if I bump into you on Wednesday and then run away... I won't have much time to chat with this schedule:

  • 8:00am: Implementation Patterns for Oracle Universal Content Management
  • 9:15am: Fusion Applications User Experience: Transforming Work into Insight
  • 10:30am: Top 10 Security Vulnerabilities in Web Applications
  • 1:00pm: Creating and Maintaining an International Web Site

Talk about variety! I'll start you off with some general UCM information, then show off the next generation of hyper-connected Oracle collaboration tools, followed with a reality check about how evil hackers read your email, and wind down the day with practical tips about managing a ginormous global web site.

If you'd like to meet up and talk tech, come on over to the Bezzotech booth! We're at booth 850, which is just in front of the big Oracle demo pods... we'll have videos of the software we'll be launching soon ;-)

If you want to meet up, follow me (@bex) on Twitter. I'll be sharing my location frequently...

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