The 2011 Bezzotech Product Line

Yes it's true... we're making real, shrink-wrapped software products now. Our products are add-ons to the WebCenter Content suite (formerly UCM, formerly Stellent) that we hope will help a broad number of existing and future customers. You can lean more on our products page or by emailing us, but a brief run-down is as follows:

  • Localization Suite: Have trouble managing sites in multiple languages? Whether it's an existing site, or you're starting from scratch, our suite helps manage your translated content (with optional Lingotek connectors for translation management)
  • Enterprise Storage: Content management gets a lot different when scaling to 100 million or more documents. You need a better file storage plan, a better recovery plan, and frequently WORM support. This module can help you out.
  • ECM Expert Support: We know the product, because we wrote the product! Get fast answers directly from the experts. We're not afraid to support VM Ware or custom components.
  • Content Conversion Scripts: Do you need to upgrade to Site Studio 10gr4? From 10gr3, 7.5, or even Content Publisher? We have a toolkit that helps us migrate from where you are to where you want to be!
  • FlexGrid Solution: A customizable and personalizable "faceted search" to help your users "drill down" to find their content in a way that makes sense for them.

Don't worry... we still have a good number of free WebCenter Content samples as well. Be sure to check those out: I've heard from more than one customer that our free stuff is better than what other people charge for ;-)

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