You Are Not So Smart!

I've never heard of a trailer for a book before... but this one's pretty good. It's for You Are Not So Smart, which should be out in a few months:

He brings up some good points... Your future self is not to be trusted! You must trick him into doing your bidding if you hope to accomplish a lot in a day. I for one have fallen way behind in my blog post frequency... I hope there are some tips for beating writer's block as well ;-)

The animation people did a great job... it reminds me of the origin of the credit crisis movie... it's only 10 minutes long, but highly recommended if you're curious about what the heck happened on Wall Street back in 2008.


I can not see the video


It must be an excellent book. But I cannot see the youtube video. BTW, I am in China which has a stupid network! - pain in lower left abdomen

you tube mirror?

This might help:

The original video is here:

There's probably a few more mirrors out there, check with your local internet cafe ;-)

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