Open World 2011: WebCenter Presentations

I gave two presentations at Oracle Open World this month... one on Integrating WebCenter Content: Five Tips to Try, and Five Traps to Avoid! I broke it down into the big sections: contribution, consumption, metadata, security, and integrations. Special thanks to IOUG for sponsoring this talk!

My second talk was a case study based on a big project that completed recently, integrating WebLogic Portal, UCM, E-Business Suite, Autonomy IDOL, and a whole bunch of other stuff to make a global e-commerce web site. The client is in a highly regulated industry, and I was unable to get permission to use their name... but if you're curious about the details ping me!

If I missed you at Open World, I hope to see you at IOUG Collaborate 2012!

UCM 10gR3?

Hi Bex,

On slide 11, interesting choice of UCM 10gR3 and Site Studio 10gR4, when 11g versions of both are available. Can you explain further why this choice was made? Wee are running UCM and Site Studio 10gR3 and considering the upgrade to 11g for both.



The project started before the 11g release, so we used 10gr4 Site Studio. Today, I would use 11g UCM, and integrate it with 11g Site Studio, or possibly FatWire.

Yes, that's what I want to

Yes, that's what I want to say. I think the 11g UCM is stable now.
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