Running WebCenter Portal Pre-Built VM on Mac OSX

The WebCenter Portal team has put together a VirtualBox virtual machine to showcase the WebCenter Portal product. You can download it from Oracle. It's a big one: clocking in at 30 GB, so pack a lunch before downloading it.

The install instructions are pretty good for Windows and Linux clients... but if you're on a Mac (like me), it's missing one important tip. The file REAVDD-HOL-WC.ovf contains the information needed to import the files into a VirtualBox VM... but if you're running the free version of VirtualBox, it chokes on the import every time. The culprit is this line:

<SharedFolders> <SharedFolder name="Host" hostPath="D:\TEMP\Host" writable="false" autoMount="true"/> </SharedFolders>

If you're on Windows, and have a D drive, this works fine... but if you're on a Mac (and probably Linux), this will break the import. The fix? Use this XML instead:


And re-do the import... you'll need to re-set-up sharing once it's running. But at least now it will have a valid path!

NOTE: This is just meant to be a sandbox for testing integrations, and the like. It's not meant to be placed into a production environment... but, like all demo code, I'm sure I'l find it floating around in production eventually... and have to make it work.

Can run on Xen?

I hope it can run on Xen. Will you plan to port it? Hope you get success.

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