2011, and the Decade to Follow

I knew that 2011 was a big year... but not until I saw the video above did I realize that so many events that will shape the decade to come all occured in the same year:

  • Tsunamis and nuclear disasters in Japan
  • Extreme weather worldwide
  • Revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya
  • Rumblings of revolutions in Syria, Yemen, and Iran
  • Near economic collapse of the Euro zone, including riots in Greece
  • The death of three monsters: Osama Bin Laden, Gaddafi, and Kim Jong Il
  • The 99% 'Occupy' movement throughout Western countries
  • The passing of Steve Jobs

And countless other events and ideas and innovations that spread through the world like wildfire... It's not a cliche to say that we live in remarkable times.

"Immortal God! What a world I see dawning! Why cannot I grow young again?" -- Erasmus

"O my soul, do not aspire to immortal life, but exhaust the limits of the possible" -- Pindar

Happy new year!


It is really a big year...

We lost many people, common people in Janpan, famous Jobs. It's our earth's lost. Happy new year, and we are looking forward to a peaceful year. - auto loan calculator

SOPA and PIPA might get cancelled

Hi guys check this out: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/technology-blog/support-pipa-collapses-blackout-aftermath-170147754.html
That's very good news :)

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