Downloads For Oracle WebCenter Content (UCM) 11g Patch Set 5

Oracle UCM Patch Set 5 is released! And thus begins the long, long hunt for the patches you need to upgrade...

Most of this info is available in the Oracle FAQ for ECM 11g, as well as the Oracle Fusion Middleware Patching Guide... but I was tired of it being un-googleable... So I decided to put a few of the links together here.

Upgrading ECM can be a multi-step process. You need to upgrade WebLogic before upgrading ECM, and you need to make sure you have the right version of the Repository Creation Utility (RCU)... not to mention the multi-gigabyte general installer for ECM itself (which includes IPM, UCM, IRM, and URM). If it's a new install, just grab the most recent Weblogic Server downloads. Otherwise, use the upgrade installers below:

Patch Set 3

Patch Set 4

Patch Set 5

And yes, in case you noticed, I'm using those nifty short URL for Oracle patches I set up... makes the URLs a lot easier to digest, don't ya think?

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