Shorter URLs for Oracle Patches

How many times has this happened to you???

You're looking around Oracle for the latest patches, and after copious amounts of digging, you finally find the mystery patch that you need... you click on the "download" link, install it, and you're good to go!

Later on... your client, or co-worker, or somebody on the message board asks, "How'd you do that?" And because you have a photographic memory, you reply "With patch 12395560, of course!" Then they ask, "got a link?" And then you say this:

Yikes... not exactly 'twitter friendly.'

In order to simplify the process (and make my documentation more readable), I set up a URL Shortener for Oracle patches for myself. Unlike most URL shorteners, it takes a parameter. The number after the slash is the Oracle patch number... which should be easy to spot on the form. So, instead of the crazy URL above, you could use one of these two:

The first one goes to the standard My Oracle Support page -- with all it's flashy goodness -- and gets as close to a "quick-link" that I could deduce. The second URL goes to the old fashioned Oracle Updates web site, which supports parameterized URL quite nicely. Guess which one I prefer? ;-)

Ideally, the Oracle support team would implement a parameter-based redirect themselves... and expose that "quick link" on the support page. Until then, I'm going to do it this way. I wonder if it will catch on???

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If Oracle do it...


You can bet if Oracle do it they will change the URL every six months to make sure all the links posted on the internet are out of date. :)




There kind of needs to be a directive from on high that says don't break the web!!! Then, they might get serious about URL simplification, and persistence.

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