Daylight Savings Time... Again?!?!

It's tough explaining why we have Daylight Savings Time... it's really tough explaining why we have it to a grumpy 4-month old who wants to keep napping... it's really, really tough explaining why we have it the same week it snows in Seattle fer crying out loud... Frankly, I think we should do away with it, and C. P. G. Grey agrees with me:

He's not alone... several academic studies have shown that daylight savings time wastes money and kills people. People use light bulbs less, but air conditioning more, so energy savings is non-existent. Also, there's a higher incident of car crashes, accidents, and heart attacks because everybody is sleepy and stressed out.

I'm for getting rid of it... how about you?

I hate it

I have always disliked DST and it seems to do funny things to people's internal clocks.

It was always explained to us here in the Midwest as an attempt to give more time for the farmers' children to help out with the family farm. Because of how the school day was structured kids would get home at the same time each day so by adjusting the clock this allowed an extra hour of sunlight for those kids to help with chores on the farm in the spring during the intense short planting season.

However, there are two easy fixes to this issue without making everyone else suffer.

1. Adjust the time of the school day instead of moving the clock. Start school an hour earlier in April and May.
Of course with modern education this isn't feasible but in the one room school house
2. Most farms don't require as much "help" as they once did. With modern equipment and governmental subsidy, less and less kids are rushing home to help with farm chores.
3. Don't have school in the summer. Likewise this is another large debate but schools didn't always have a large summer break, but they found it necessary when school wasn't mandatory and very few kids would show up so they invented the "Summer vacation" There have been numerous studies showing the success of year round school but it's one of those highly contested debates.
4. Shave some time off the school day but take less vacation days. Another polarizing issue. There are also numerous studies showing the value of a shortened school day but having less vacation days throughout the year. This would also allow for kids to be home earlier.

I could keep going but my general opinion is that DST is past it's prime and the reasons to keep it do not hold weight anymore. All it would take is a few state politicians to get together and form a bill to change it. However, with all the other "big fish" issues, this is something that most Americans just live with.


I remember...

Back in the day, Alec and I had 'summer hours.' In addition to suffering thru daylight savings time, we would also show up to work an hour early. Our work day was 7am to 4pm. That gave us PLENTY of summer sunshine ;-)

Given that a lot of companies allow 'flex time' these days, it's not a bad option for a good chunk of those who want more time to collect butterflies in the summer evenings.

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