The Definitive Guide to Oracle/Stellent Content Server Development

This book was released on Monday, June 26th, 2006. It is currently available for purchase from APress Publishers. It is also available on, and ships within 24 hours. I am having a lot of fun tracking its sales rank. I also wrote a script to scrape the sales rank from, and store it in a spreadsheet.

The official description for the book is as follows:

The Definitive Guide to Stellent Oracle Content Server Development is the most complete book available for this Enterprise Content Management application. It gives an introduction to Content Management, followed by an in-depth discussion of Stellent's Oracle's core service-oriented architecture.

It details how its flexible, component-driven model makes it easy to customize the appearance and behavior of the server. Focusing on the developer, this book gives step-by-step examples for creating data entry forms, designing skins, adding services, customizing the web interface, integrating with other applications, and modifying the behavior with Java. Throughout the book the author reveals tips and tricks on security, performance, metadata design, maintenance, undocumented features, and general best practices.

It is complete with appendices detailing the inner working of the Content Server. This includes a full discussion about the IdocScript language, the JSP integration layer, and some of the internal Java APIs. You will find this a vital resource whether you're just considering Stellent, or you own it and want to customize it to fit your exact needs.

Are you looking for a guide for general content server users or administrators? Oracle University offers training and manuals; one of them should suit your needs. I'd recommend the Web Based Training product for training your general users: partially because I helped create it, but mostly because its far less boring than a book. ;)

You can download the sample source code from the publisher, or from I would prefer you to download from the publisher, since they can spare the bandwidth.

Search The Book With Google:

10-05-07 Update: My book is searchable via Google Book Search, so if you're having a hard time finding info on personalization or CHECKIN_NEW, you can use Google. Its not as nice as owning a PDF of the book, but it'll do in a pinch.

7-20-06 Update: I discovered a security hole in the Java component named 'StartupService'. If you have this component installed, please replace it with the latest version of the source code.

If you find and error or omission anywhere in the book, you can either:


10Gr3 Version of the book?

Hey Bex --

Thanks for the plug for Oracle training! Don't worry, we plug your book in return.

Do you have any plans to update the book for version 10 of Oracle Content Server? There are a number of things that have changed quite a bit like Action Menus.

Lee Klement
Sr. Principal Trainer
Oracle University

maybe in 2009

I'm writing a different book first ;-)

Also, I'm gonna wait until the tech strategy fully gels before I invest another big chunk of time into a second revision...

What's the book you're

What's the book you're currently writing?

Stellent Content Server 7.5

I am having issues with MS Word Bookmarks (anchors) with this 7.5 version of Stellent Content Server and have read that this is a known issue that could be corrected with an update to Content Server. Since Oracle acquired Stellent I no longer have access to Stellent updates. Do you know which version I need to download to correct anchor issue with MS Word and where I get that download?

I just found the book on

I just found the book on eBay and ordered it, cant wait to read it :)

Updated Version

Please please release an updated version of the book. I would buy it in a second and pay three times as much as I spent on the first version. It was so useful, but in the areas where it is outdated, it would have been really useful to have a recent version.

Re: Updated Version

Unfortunately, writing a book is extremely hard work, and I no longer have the time... after writing 2 books on Oracle UCM, I was hoping somebody else would pick up the torch... Several have expressed interest, but none have (yet) followed through.

Ways to have the values in table view appear on form


I am usinh ORACLE UCM 10GR3, we want to add values in table and want to reflect the changes on the form without content server restart.
Generally, they appear after we do publish schema and then restart of the server.

Is there any way by which the changes in schema be reflected without server restart.

Hi Bex, I have a question, I

Hi Bex,

I have a question, I would like to use your excel workbook that uses VBA and SOAP to search for content items, and modify their meta-data. I see that there is not validation taking place if any of the values provided is not valid.

I would like to ask for your recommendation on what would be the best way to perform a validation of these values?

Thank you very much.

Good or must-read papers and books about WEM?

Hi Bex - 'read your blog about FatWire and wonder what you are reading and can recommend in the WEMspace (papers, articles, books)?



Any books of yours on UCM 11g

Any books of yours on UCM 11g ? Looking for buding UCM custom components in 11g and UCM/IBR administration

11g is similar...

The resource files are in different places, and a lot of the UI code is very different... but how the pieces fit together are fairly similar. If you're looking for UCM 11g samples, I recently updated the HowToComponents.

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