Transforming Infoglut! A Pragmatic Strategy For Oracle Enterprise Content Management

As I mentioned after last year's Open World conference, Andy MacMillan and I have been working on a book on Oracle Enterprise Content Management (ECM). I'm pleased to say that it is mostly finished, and it should be available for purchase on January 9, 2009. You can pre-order our book on Amazon right now, if you wish. Note: Amazon's graphic is using the book cover, which contained our old working title... that should be fixed in a few months.

I should be clear... this is not a technical book about content management: its about what we call a pragmatic strategy for managing your content. It is intended for CIOs, CEOs, and project managers so they can understand what ECM is, how its useful, and why it is desperately needed. This strategy entails solutions for existing ECM systems, legacy systems, portal, web applications, and enterprise search. It covers archives, especially email archives, and enterprise wide security beyond the repository. It also covers the retention and destruction of your documents, no matter where they exist within your enterprise.

In the strategy, there are seven steps... but the big three are:

  • Consolidate: Bring as much content as possible into one strategic repository.
  • Federate: Extend content management services to existing tactical repositories, when consolidation is not cost effective.
  • Secure: Make sure your content is secure, no matter where it exists.

Naturally, when we suggest what tools to use to implement the strategy, we lean towards Oracle's suite. However, we feel this strategy is equally applicable to any ECM initiative. We worked hard to ensure that 50% of the book is vendor-agnostic.

I recently put together a list of what is in each chapter, to help folks that might want to skip around in he book.

We took this approach because we wanted to make sure that this book helps align business and IT strategies, therefore it needs to contain some implementation specifics, and not just broad strategic goals. We wanted to say what you need to do, why you need to do it, and how to get started. Most books on ECM only give you the "what", a rare few tell you "why"... and very very few tell you "how".

Business needs the "what" and the "why," and IT needs the "how." After reading this book, everybody on your team will hopefully be speaking the same language...


Congratualations on the new ECM book Bex!

Seriously well done. Having just been through the book writing process myself, I salute you! And as a one-time CTO at one of Oracle's competitors, it's good to see _someone_ pushing ahead in the ECM space. Keep up the analysis and comment, Bex ... it's always great to read what you're thinking.


I'm just glad that the "Books By Bex" sidebar that I've had for years is finally grammatically correct ;-)

IT guys will jump for joy

I have not read your book but the broad strokes laid out here would make any IT guy jump for joy at the thought of the rest of the team being on the same page! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy...

I just finished the book and

I just finished the book and found it an invaluable resource to put context around implementing Enterprise Content Management. I will have all of my employees read it.
Great work Bex and Andy.

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